Protection of information streams

If you are running a data stream or are about to create a new data stream, we can focus security on this part of your business. We develop a concept out of your protection requirements and support you with the implementation in your company. In a strategy workshop ‘Identifying a Data and Information Flow’, we will analyse your business processes and the underlying data and information flows holistically and comprehensively. If you are still not completely familiar with information security in your company, we will gladly take this into the workshop.

The current Information Security state is collected as part of a deeper investigation at your locations and, if necessary, with your service providers. This results in a corresponding action plan, which we will gladly implement in order to bring the data and information stream to the desired level of protection. As an additional service, the data stream can be statistically investigated for further business purposes (data analysis for business process optimization, to determine key figures or to answer further questions).

In the past two years more than every second company has been engaged in economic espionage, sabotage and data theft. The threat to your business is already there, your protective measures are still missing. Appoint an initial workshop with us.

Information Security Management System

An information security management system (ISMS) is the enterprise-wide solution for the prevention and handling of incidents, which endangers your company’s know-how. An ISMS includes, among other things, Risk analysis, the preparation of the relevant documents / guidelines, the implementation of a package of measures, training courses, periodic controls, structured procedures with incidents and emergency/business continuation management.

If you decide as minimal approach to secure at least one business process, as maximal approach to protect the entire enterprise with regard to information security, we will analyse your business processes together with you in a strategy workshop ‘Information Security’.

If there is not yet an information security management system, we will show you a path through several modules and steps to build a complete protection of your business.

If you are experiencing major business changes (mergers, acquisitions) or are migrating one of your IT systems in the future, we will be glad to assist your change management to maintain your required level of protection.

By designing and monitoring these measures in your company, we can most effectively take over the job of the information security officer. As an external service, the necessary independence is ensured, while necessary periodic tasks do not get lost in everyday business.

Three out of four companies are exposed to varying levels of IT attacks. The threat to your business is already there, your protective measures are still missing. Appoint an initial workshop with us.