Infomnis GmbH – Your Data Science Expert


  • Workshops to determine the company’s data assets and related information requirements as well as to secure the company’s advantages.
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Data analysis

  • Assessment and audit of the company infrastructure and the data collected. Comprehensive analysis follows with developing and implementing new methods.
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Information security

  • Conception of new data infrastructures and objectives for the information gain from the data connected with designing an information security system.
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The Company

Years of experience

For 16 years, I have been working with various data in the areas of health, defense and marketing. A broad education took place in mathematics at the ETH Zurich and at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics as well as at the Freie Universität Berlin in the modeling of biological processes. Method comparisons between machine learning, information theory and statistical approaches were carried out, own methods were developed and disseminated through workshops.

Organization specialist

For 9 years I have experience in information protection of organization up to 1000 persons in the digital as well as non-digital area. Information security can only be achieved with connecting business processes in an organization. This need for protection is currently receiving increasing attention with the latest online technologies and can be covered.


  • ISMS Specialist & Lead Auditor & Implementer according to ISO / IEC 27001, CBT Training & Consulting GmbH Munich
  • Doctor of Natural Sciences in Bioinformatic, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Diploma in Mathematics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich


My partners:


Cloud solution for small businesses

As companies lack sufficient IT security, a prototypical cloud solution for small businesses and working groups was developed together with AS IT BI. This includes the installation of an ERP / CRM system, backup strategies for a small company, video monitoring with IoT technologies and the porting of an existing intranet application, for access via the Internet. These steps ensure data security also in smaller companies.

Self-understanding of the company

Data are strength and oppurtunity

Data can easily be accumulated. However, it is difficult to make timely use of strategic decisions, product optimization and sales support. Accordingly, corresponding know-how is to be integrated in order to be able to say entrepreneurially: data are strength and opportunity.

Digitization and networking yes, but sure

The digitalisation and networking of the company’s world offers new opportunities, but also entails new risks. Progress should not be hindered. But at the same time, we do not have to take uncontrolled risks. Therefore, a second point of self-understanding is: Digitization and networking yes, but safe.

As much protection as necessary, as little effort as possible.

Effort and costs for safety measures can quickly reach unexpected dimensions. Total security can not be established, relative security is often possible with simple, pragmatic means. This is why advice comes under this point of self-understanding: As much protection as necessary, as little effort as possible.

Information security is implicit and natural

A well-organized company is usually characterized by successful, existing processes. These success recipes have to be taken up and improved, at best supplemented by security-necessary processes. This is why another point of self-understanding follows: Integrating information security as implicit naturalness.